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The Journey: We Awoke to Find Planes Bombing Above Us

Our life was very good. We were very comfortable and happy.

We Just Want Peace

I don’t want my children to live in war.

I Produced Media Against the Taliban

I graduated with a degree in journalism and joined the Afghan police force.

I’ve Been Deaf and Mute Since Birth

When I was old enough, I was forced to marry the head of our region.

I was Tortured Three Times

We decided to leave and sold everything we had; there is no way back.

I Fought to Keep My Hope

It gives me a bad feeling … that I am safe and my friends are still in trouble.

I Just Want Him to be Safe

That’s why we came here—so they would not take him away from me.

A Nonsense Custom

We can’t go back. It is not safe for women there.

“A Message to the World,” Oil on linen by Elizabeth Benson Thayer

Children Show Us What Humanity Means

Their future is uncertain, and their past is gone forever.

Diana Levaton, Paris

On the Right Side of History

I organized parents; Ben organized students and faculty.
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